Digging into the Global Natural Resources Sector with Terra Capital

February 24, 2023

Terra Capital is a leading investment manager specialising in natural resources, achieving impressive returns on their diverse portfolio with a disciplined approach, industry expertise, and a focus on renewable energy and sustainable investments. Equity Mates hosts Candice Bourke and Felicity Thomas are joined by Jeremy Bond and Matthew Langsford in today’s episode. 

They talk about:

📈 How Terra Capital achieved an annual return of 15% since 2010 and a cumulative basis of 470.9% in the natural resources sector.

🎙️ The resource boom, renewable energy solutions, and the ESG movement.

💪 Terra’s success and how it’s attributed to their disciplined approach and industry expertise.

📈 Their ability to navigate a constantly evolving market and stay ahead of emerging opportunities.

🌱 How Terra invests in renewable energy solutions as part of their portfolio.

🌍 Their dedication to the ESG movement and sustainable investment practices.