Natural Resources Fund

Our established investment process and experience
result in an enduring competitive advantage that has allowed the  Terra
Capital Natural Resources Fund to significantly outperform sector indices since
the Fund’s inception in 2010.

We continue to
aim to deliver superior absolute returns over the medium and long-term by
investing in globally listed mining and energy companies while managing
appropriate levels of risk.
The Fund deploys a
top-down approach for commodity selection and macro analysis. Complimented by
rigorous bottom-up research on individual companies with particular focus on
management teams.

The Fund
provides a
ccess to a natural resources portfolio,
diversified across different regions, commodities and company stages,
benefiting from demand and supply imbalances within the commodities complex.

The Fund has received a 4 star, Superior rating from SQM Research. This research is available on request. 

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Natural Resource Fund

The Terra Capital Natural Resource Fund is designed for investors seeking exposure to small and mid sized global mining and energy companies. The Fund has been structured to maximise capital appreciation whilst maintaining appropriate levels of risk.

Since the Fund’s inception in June 2010 is has significantly outperformed all benchmarks and become a leader amongst its peers.

Stock selection is a key distinguishing factor for the Natural Resource Fund as it aims to continue to produce superior absolute returns over the medium and long term.

Our investee companies must have proven management teams, clean capital structures, positive catalysts, projects with world class potential, have low operating and capital costs and be located in stable jurisdictions.

Terra spends large amounts of time meeting management teams, attending conferences and visiting mine sites. Potential investments are cross checked with a wide network of industry players. In addition, the fund has a number of key investors who have been highly successful in mining and energy companies in their own right. These contacts provide useful consult on geological, metallurgical and engineering matters.