Reach Markets: Specialist fundie with 13 year established track record

June 06, 2023

Recently on Reach Markets Meet the Fund Manager session, Jeremy Bond joined to discuss Terra Capital’s strategy to navigate the volatility of commodity markets, why he is bullish on copper and how he identifies buying opportunities. You can view some highlights and/or the full webinar via the links below:
Reach Markets also provided an interview with Jeremy.:
‘Jeremy is particularly bullish on copper, especially over the medium and long term. Last month’s sell off in the metal that is critical to the world’s renewable energy plans, where it touched a four month low, proved a worthy buying opportunity for the fundie. He cited China’s ability to provide stimulus, which they have already begun doing, and copper’s increasing cost curve that should provide price support. He is still looking for further weakness in some of the bigger names before significantly increasing the portfolio’s exposure.
Terra Capital isn’t limited to the ASX, which proves particularly advantageous when looking for exposure to certain commodities. In the case of copper, of which there are limited options on the ASX after the takeover of Oz Minerals by BHP, they consider that there are many more and much better priced opportunities available when looking at North America.
The mid tier miners section of the market is where the fund particularly specialises. The average market cap of a portfolio company is $900 million, and while Mr. Bond doesn’t invest in early stage exploration, he does actively invest in later stage projects with a clear development pathway. He has recently added some more lithium, after a bunch of development ready projects have been beaten down over the past few months on the back of the battery metal’s spectacular price collapse that saw it sink over 70% from it’s all time high.’
Thanks to Carlo and the Reach Markets team. The full article can be accessed via Reach Markets here.