Money of Mine: podcast with Matthew Langsford

July 4, 2023

As big supporters of the team at Money of Mine, we were naturally very happy to be involved in an episode. The team do a great job of delivering daily and informative mining content and it was great to contribute to the discussions.

You can listen in via youtube or spotify. Timestamps for Youtube below.


 1:08 Introduction 

2:18 Investment Strategy 

5:43 Are Mining stocks cheap? 

9:28 Non-cyclical nature of battery metals demand 

10:52 Why invest heavy in TSX and North America? 

17:13 When will new Copper come online? 

27:12 NexGen and Uranium chat 

31:35 Gold 

37:02 Carbon Credits 

38:10 Hydrogen 

39:31 Where does Nickel fit in? 

40:51 How is Terra Capital performing?

 ——————————- DISCLAIMER

 All Money of Mine episodes are for informational purposes only and may contain forward-looking statements that may not eventuate. The co-hosts are not financial advisers and any views expressed are their opinion only. Please do your own research before making any investment decision or alternatively seek advice from a registered financial professional.